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Rainy Mood

I love this series of intricate rain painting from Gregory Thielker. These hyperrealistic paintings are just flowing with an eclectic mix of color. Gregory sets the mood perfectly in the first composition. I love the first piece Lowroad, how the rain is just casually gracing the window of what looks to be a car window. The second composition has intense colors, such as dark purple and hints of red. The images are blurred to perfect, you can still recognize the area, anyone with a car at night should immediately recognize this scene. Be sure to check out more of Gregory’s work after the jump.

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he fancy

Nastya Zhidkova photographed by Danil Golovkin


Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in 1994


The Face | October 1997 Devon Aoki by Mario Sorrenti



“Wind drawings” by Mark Nystrom. These were created by equipping a pen with sails and suspending it over paper. Each drawing represents one day of wind.

This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

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“Wild FOX” by Milan Krasula



Eight of my favorites reflections, mostly shot in 2011. I feel the series was complete around the end of summer, but I keep on shooting those upside down reflections. I just love it.

They’re all untouched, except the 5th one (but it’s still a very light cropping). I shoot it as I frame it, cropped a lot, they wouldn’t make sense. It’s about seeing the reality the other way round on purpose. It’s not about shooting blind before cropping a lot.

Anyway, it’s fun trying because it’s challenging to frame something upside down while you focus “upside up” - you have to try to see what I mean.

For those who wonder, there’s not much editing in it either, with strong contrast lenses, a bit of saturation, the occasional weirdness of the Leica M8 sensor and you’re good to go.

I post those eight because they work well together. I avoided posting wide and b&w ones for the sake of consistency. May be I’ll post a b&w one soon.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I have lots of stuff to post and write about. I was foolish enough to buy a M Monochrom and boy it’s quite a body. Not for everyone, for sure, but quite spectacular, imho. I’ll post a quick hands on and a few pics this week. For those who don’t work this week-end, enjoy. For those who work, like me: courage! :-)

Wow! These are beautiful.

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“The Bombshell: Adele”